Nowadays, technology travels faster than us, and often we tend to take many things for granted. Photography is one of these things. We spend so much time with our cell phones and their cameras that we forget how an instant, and its testimony and narrative, can offer us priceless and timeless emotions.

It was my father who taught me the importance of memories, he was the proud family photographer who documented every holiday, every journey and every event on photographic film, with his beloved Pentax MX. And it was with that very camera that I began my journey, many years ago, to continue what he started: creating memories, without taking them for granted.

My name is Giuseppe Esposito, I was born in 1987, I love music and art, and I graduated in Graphic Design and Photography at the “F. Figari” Art College in Sassari. Nowadays I continue to enrich my cultural and formative curriculum by attending the Academic Diploma Course in New Technologies of Art at the “M. Sironi” Academy of Fine Arts in Sassari.
In 2012 my passion for visual arts and communication, together with my desire to share knowledge and competence with artists and other professionals of the sector, brought about the foundation of Underskin Media Factory, a multimedial creative studio.

I live in a paradise called Sardinia, in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, an island rich in history and culture, a wonderful natural and artistic backdrop that is also, among other things, a unique wedding destination, popular with lovers from every corner of the earth.